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MilkyTracker Vamped Edition

This fork has been discontinued and integrated as part of AmigaDevs MilkyTracker fork. Click here.

What is it?

The MilkyTracker Vamped Edition is based on the outstanding MilkyTracker music production software and has been extended by members of the demogroup Titan and the AmigaDev team. Comparable to DOSBox forks like DOSBox-X this edition contains useful additions and changes to support the Amiga platform fast and natively. It also contains other new and experimental features. Of course we plan to merge most of them into the main MilkyTracker version.

This edition currently contains:

  • Native Amiga support, but still needs RTG (we support P96 and CGX)
  • Native 4-channel 8-bit output support on Paula/Commodore
  • Native 8-channel 16-bit output on Arne (Apollo-Core)
    (16 channels are planned with a future core)
  • 16-bit PiP display on SAGA (Apollo-Core)
  • GadTools based setup dialog to choose the resolution and audio settings
  • Titan's Magic Toolbox
  • MilkyPlay based console player

Bugs/WIP/Planned features are:

  • WIP: Fix subtle screen flashing while playing
  • Bug: File selection: up/down arrows don't scroll text
  • Feat: AGA 8-bit display via C2P
  • Opt: ASM optimization of drawing routines and primitives
  • Feat: Intuition-based replacement UI
  • Feat: MIDI In/Out
  • Feat: Playback a whole directory one song after another

Current performance is quite good with 33% load on the Apollo V4 Core (68080) while playing an 8-channel XM. You can reach halfway acceptable performance on a 68040.

Additionally we added Titan's Magic Toolbox (TMT) which has been used in a 64k by Titan several years ago:

  • Additive synthesizer: Create nice pads, choirs, strings and bells for 64k sizetros. The algorithm creates loopable samples.
  • HP/LP filters and ADSHR envelope
  • Playback libraries for Windows (based on MiniFMOD) and Amiga (based on PTPlayer)
  • If you are interested in using that in your production, contact us

You can enable the toolbox in the configuration in the Misc tab, then restart and press the M button on top of the instrument listbox. Generating these samples natively on the Amiga is currently quite slow so we advice you to either use WinUAE/JIT or the Windows version if you want to create your intro song with it!


Oct 18th, 2020
  • New version oct2020_005
  • Feat: TMT: Distortion FX to create drums, new flags to trigger Envelope and Filters
  • Feat: Introducing double clicks on Amiga which were not working before
  • Fix: Crash when stepping into a void directory
  • Fix: Not pressing stop before exiting MilkyTracker causes the sound chip to repeat last note endlessly
  • Fix: File loading: corrupt sound when loading while another song is playing
Oct 10th, 2020
  • New version oct2020_004
  • Feat: 8-bit modes: RTG Windowed/Fullscreen, SAGA PiP/Fullscreen
Oct 9th, 2020
  • New version oct2020_003
  • Fix: V2 500/600/1200 support broken
  • Fix: Disable PiP for V2 and instead use regular windowed mode
  • Feat: Show system specs in setup dialog
Oct 8th, 2020
  • New version oct2020_002
  • Fix: Fixed enumeration of screen modes when not in 16-bit
  • Fix: Only show Arne in setup if available
  • Fix: Enforce classic browser for fullscreen and PIP modes totally
  • Created this webpage
Oct 7th, 2020
  • New (first public) version oct2020_001


You can run the executables directly on your Amiga or Vampire! The Bundle ZIP also contains an icon, the manual and some example songs. (Windows version coming soon!)

Have questions, want to report bugs or request features?

Of course this version can contain bugs! Please join the Discord servers of the demogroup Titan or the AmigaDev Team and talk to neoman or Marlon.

Created by neoman/titan, Marlon Beijer, the AmigaDev and the MilkyTracker team

Last update: Nov. 11th, 2020